September 12, 2012, 4:13 pm
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I asked: What is kindness?

He said: Kindness is understanding that each person you meet is an un-iced cake. Something beautiful, good and pleasing that stands before you unfinished. They see the crumbs and the pock marks from the pan and do not understand that all the places they focus on were made to be covered in soft sweetness. Kindness is then taking whatever opportunity you get, and icing them. Covering their holes and weaknesses. Kindness covers and completes. It sees from God’s perspective. It sees with Heaven’s perfection in mind. Kindness is a touch, a salve, sweetness. Kindness brings the receiver closer to the intent of his creator. Kindness says “you were made to receive goodness and love- and here is some of you inheritance.”


In my natural, fleshy heart, I can be hard. I have a tendency to love LOVE my friends, and have little grace for others. I used to see tremendous value in being everything to my friends, and very little/no value at all in being pleasant or even cordial to those who did not merit an invitation into my inner circle. It is not hard to believe that I left high school on speaking terms with somewhere around one person. So coming to college, this was my point of view.

Needless to say, during my college experience God had a revolution of kindness and love in my heart. I learned a lot of stuff, and became a much sweeter person. But, I still had a hard time really valuing the one-time interaction. I mean, why exert the effort of being nice to someone I am never going to see again, and opening myself up to a possibly negative interaction? I had developed a greater capacity for friendship without standards others had to meet in order to work their way into my heart, but I hadn’t encountered kindness.

Kindness is different than the interaction you would have with a BFF. I would call that love. Being kind is just part of love when you see someone every day or you share considerable history. You have this soft spot in your heart for them and sweetness just comes out. Humans are just like that. But this kindness is the love for a stranger that is welling up straight from His heart.  Love and sweetness just well up in Him! I didn’t have occasion to encounter this fruit of the spirit, until I met the Lindsey family.

Robin Coss and I were spending a weekend together in the summer, and she wanted me to meet her cousins. Robin has these cousins…They will melt your face off. They have seven kids, they LOVE Jesus, they live in the forest. Anyway, Robin wanted me to meet them, so we drove up to their beautiful house in the middle of the woods, and we got out of the car to walk up to the door.

As we walked up to the house Aunt Robin came out. She was on her way to the store I think. I was ready for the Bible Belt interaction. Huge smile, hand shake, smile and stand there, answer questions. But no, Aunt Robin walked right up to me and wrapped me up in her arms. She hugged me. Like a mom hug, not a college ministry side hug. She looked at me with the same love as if she was looking at Robin. She asked me questions, but her face and her posture helped me to feel like we were on the very same side, and my answers to these questions were going to inform her prayers for me. She told me how glad she was that I was at her house, and it sounded like she had been waiting for me to get there for years. She had to go, so we went on into the house. I was legitimately flabbergasted.

In the house I met seven kids who were a perfect reflection of their mom. They were so loving and kind. They received me as a brand new sister, not as a guest. I just kind of sat back and watched them interact with Robin and fell in love with them all. Then I met Terry Lindsey. It is difficult to describe what it is like to meet Terry Lindsey. I would say that most humans are looking for the feeling we had when mom and dad put us to bed, and just held us close, and sang night-night songs, and read goodnight books to us, and stayed until we were sleeping. We love the Father heart of God, because this kind of safety and love and approval is what were made for. Meeting Terry Lindsey is like encountering this part of the heart of God.  A hug from Terry Lindsey fixes something you didn’t even know was broken. It makes you want to go home and visit mom and dad and force them to tuck you in again. Terry Lindsey is anointed with the Father heart of God. Just like his wife, he receives you as if he has been waiting for you. He falls in love with you while you talk to him. He is so glad to have you in his home. He claims you as one of his own from them moment he meets you.

After my weekend with the Lindsey family, something was broken off of me. I suddenly understood the outrageous value in loving, accepting, approving of the person in front of me who I may never see again! I had the most ridiculous smile on my face for literally two weeks. I wanted to hug everyone the way Aunt Robin had hugged me. I wanted to receive people into my heart immediately the way that the whole family had received me. I realized that when we love people ridiculously, without regard for A) whether or not they will receive us back or B) whether I will profit anything from this love I give them, we can release Heaven into people’s lives. The Lindsey family didn’t do anything to/for me. They just loved me and accepted me in a pure way. Receiving love like that frees me to be my Father’s daughter and severs all ties with the lies my accuser is trying to make me believe.  


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