what is PEACE
August 6, 2012, 3:47 pm
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I don’t think I could have truly understood peace until I had experienced a panic attack. As a generally calm and confident person, I could not have imagined the vulnerability and terror of not being in control of your body. A few months ago, God allowed me to experience this reaction for the first time. It was awful. I called my friend Emily and asked her to pray for me. Once she began to pray, I felt total peace in my spirit and I knew that God really was with me. But, my body didn’t seem to get the message. I could not stop hyperventilating. I could not regain feeling in my extremities or my lips. The feeling that I was going to pass out did not go away, even though I knew my panic had left me. The message needed to be communicated to my nervous system.

My spirit had received Heavenly peace. In order for my body to receive it, I had to make a choice. If I didn’t choose to accept the peace in my spirit as the truth, I would continue the cycle of terror looping through my body and lose the peace I had been given.  I had to be brave, and trust Him to take care of my body. A sweet woman at work, CiCi, had been through many panic attacks, and took her lunch break sitting on the floor next to me, telling me to breathe through a paper bag. I had to trust God, and know He was with me, even though I couldn’t feel it in my body yet. And as I sat there on the floor, little by little, peace rested in my body and I knew I was going to be ok.

That morning in the courting room, God defined the fruit of the spirit peace this way: Peace is eye contact with the Creator. Peace is twofold: it’s the physical overflow of a spiritual reality. As I become aware of the intimate presence of the loving and powerful Maker of my body, my nervous system quiets down from its shaky chatter and begins to sing a sweet lullaby- communicating to my body and my brain that all is well, and He is here. Peace has nothing to do with the noise level or activity level. Peace is not a quiet room- peace is the King of Kings overcoming my body and spirit, taking hold of my hand, staring into my eyes and releasing me to partake of Heavenly Truth: It is well.

Thinking of an example of this fruit, my friend Taryn came to mind. Taryn is peaceful. She is at rest in her spirit. She does not allow circumstances to throw her. This attribute was exemplified to me the other day on the phone with her.

My mother called me one Saturday to inform me that Colorado Springs was on fire. I of course knew this already. She wanted me to make sure Taryn was alright. I told her Taryn was fine. She reiterated that Colorado Springs was on fire. I told my mother that Taryn had recently been live on facebook, so I knew she was fine. Maybe I wasn’t understanding, Colorado Springs was ON FIRE. I told my mom I would check.  I called Taryn, and told her to get on facebook and post something so my mom could breathe again. We got to talking about the fires and how close they were to her house and her upcoming trip to New Orleans. She casually told me that her parent’s old house we had visited every summer of college was probably going to burn later in the week. She told me that she and Tom had planned to begin a week long mission trip to New Orleans the next day. She said, “And if the house burns while we’re

gone I guess that would be ok.”

Taryn doesn’t value safety, or things, or security or life above Christ. In fact, she counts it all loss. A constant of Taryn’s life has been a cool head when things go wrong. She has this constant peace from Heaven, no matter what happens. She knows that she will survive, and God will provide for her. And if she dies, then she will be in glory with Jesus, and that would be better anyhow.


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