New Place New Pace
July 25, 2012, 4:23 pm
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I haven’t posted in ages. How many blogs have I read where that is the first line? Cliche.

Since I posted last, I have finished up Elevate, been to India, moved to a room downstairs, said goodbye to Abbey soon-to-be-Larsen and her sweet family, said hello to Robin lately-Coss, and a couple of new roommates who make my huge mansion family fuller, louder and happier. I finished my sentence at Jimmy John’s. I was let out for good behavior and hopeful prospects. I began a new job with BearBills working 8-5 in an office downtown. Life in an office with no windows and a strict 8-5 work week feels like absolute freedom after living week to week never knowing what hours I might be at liberty to use or not use in the week to come. Schedule and regularity agrees with me.

I have coffee dates and lunches with my friends daily. I zumba twice a week, and walk twice a week, both with friends. I have scheduled time for chores and laundry that, thus far, I have been faithful to. This kind of dependability is freedom for me!

I am very excited about the posts to come. God has been revealing a very helpful spin on the fruits of the spirit to me since mid-May. I plan on doing a post for each fruit! This is exciting for me because, lately, God has been aliviating the pressure so many of us feel to be excellent followers. He tells me that it is not His supreme desire for me to have an A+ on my Christian report card. He accepts me completely today, is pleased with me, and is in love with me today. He is AMBITIOUS for me that I might grow in the fruits of the spirit. He wants me to look more like His son, and be in agreement with the truth of the Kingdom of Heaven. There is so much freedom in the things He has been saying to me, and He told me from he beginning I was going to write about it. Truthfully I have been a little intimidated to begin. There are a LOT of fruits to cover, and starting a new job while moving and making new friends makes it hard to focus. I want to tackle one fruit a week. Get excited!


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