April 30, 2012, 4:38 pm
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I have been on a fun and wild ride over the past couple of months. Some of you may have heard of the “no poo” movement going on among Coloradans, and other women who look for strange ways to avoid bathing.

No Poo is a shift in cleansing one’s hair away from the norm of shampoo and conditioner, in favor of non-chemical methods. We take in chemicals and toxins though the scalp, many of which are present in traditional hair care. So, by mixing baking soda with water, one may cleanse the scalp. This does not strip the hair of its natural oils, as shampoo does. Once our hair is used to this method, it is not greasy or oily, but naturally shiny and soft. For my outrageously curly and frizzy hair, I use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to tame the mane.

I had no idea if this experiment would work or not, but I thought it would be a good try at reducing cost and chemicals in my daily life. I decided to embark upon this venture, while keeping a photo diary. I was warned that I would encounter nasty greasy days on my way to hair oil balance (which really was not as dire as was communicated) so I chose to take photos of the wash day only, as opposed to the gross days in between. After all, I’m doing this to see how my clean hair looks without shampoo, not to see how oily my hair can get in between. Here is my experiment- these pictures are taken, usually right before bed, on the day I washed my hair with the weird hippy mixtures.

My last shampoo ever!

After the first hippy mix

My hair looked much better this day than the photo communicates. Still bitter.

My hair fully adapted to the new regimen. It looks like this most days now. Shiny all over, not frizzy, tight curls.

I’ve also been going through a change of personal style, of late. Development of personal style, I should say. I’ll give you two inspiration photos, and then a few pictures of my hair right now. I love the 30’s and 40’s so much. If I lived in Austin, I would probably be a swing dancin fool, or a rockabilly singer, with amazing style, but sans tattoos. Let’s not get too crazy.

I just love both of these ideas, and its been evident on my hair of late. Once I begin buying clothes again, it will become evident on my body!









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