In the window sill, not on the shelf
January 22, 2012, 4:23 pm
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I am not wasting away. I am not a commodity with a shelf life. I am a brilliant, beautiful and funny girl, sitting in a nook by an open window on the third story of a century old mansion, with a pipe in my mouth. My nails are painted fuchsia. And though I am single, I am not alone. I have a sweet brother sending me sweet messages even now. My car isn’t here, because a dear friend needed to use it. I have little sisters coming to make dinner with me. Everyone tells me I’m lovely. I agree. And so, even though I do like a boy, I will not sit and stew about that. I am more than that. I am not the woman who is wasting away. I am fully alive in Jesus, and therefore am not waiting for anything or anyone to start living to the full. I am a princess in a tower, kept safe by a good Father. My God honors the desires of my heart- because all the desires of my heart are in line with who He says I am. So, no matter what I think I need, or what I want right now, I know my Father honors me, and does not withhold happiness.


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