Little Girls and their Magical Powers
September 28, 2011, 2:19 am
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Most people are not aware that all little girls have magical powers. We do not acknowledge this fact because it simply is. It always has been. It is common. Maybe we don’t see it because all little boys have magical powers too, which makes the powers not magical, but simply ‘character traits.’

The point here is, that little girls have magical powers; lovely gifts to be celebrated.

Some little girls have powers that bring peace to those in distress. Some little girls have powers that fill hungry bellies with good things. Other little girls can listen with magical ears that seem to take the weight of whatever problem was being related to them. There are as many gifts as there are girls, and each one is a treasure.

 .    .      .

Most little girls are lovely and shiny and fun, and all little girls are magical, naturally. But one little girl had a funny and unique power. She was excited. She was excitable. She found outrageous, boundless, consuming joy in minute details. The Psalmist could not describe her raptures, even about tiny things like pretty colors, or a particular kind of happy weed growing in the garden. She identified with paintings in art galleries and carefully crafted novels so deeply that the expressions seemed, to her, kindred spirits and friends. The vines growing outside her kitchen window ministered to her soul as much a good message might minister to the mother of four toddlers.

In everyday situations, she could pull out joy. She did not force joy into every blessed second. Life is sad, sometimes. She did not create joy; she merely put an exclamation point on it, and bolded the typeface, and made the letters red like a cardinal in the snow.

The little girl’s power was such that if there was joy to be found, or beauty to be seen, or truth to be told, or love to be felt, or integrity to be proclaimed, the waves of the goodness emanating from the thing God had touched washed over her like a mighty current, and wracked her small body with laughter. Her smile was like the sun. Her eyes were quick to tears, but only happy tears.

To be excitable made life fun! Everyday was a new and grand adventure. Going to school was like going on a marvelous journey. Running errands was like finding buried treasure. Meeting new people was so overwhelmingly joyful, the poor girl kept her social circle small. There was so much to rejoice over in only a few people, adding many more might kill her!

She loved everything, and everyone almost effortlessly. It was all so beautiful! She saw every bit of good in people, and all that she saw in them was truth!

.      .       .

To see, and to know can be hurtful. Can you imagine seeing all that is lovely in so many people? To see God written on so many faces? To love so deeply and so legitimately? To authentically know goodness in so many? To be wracked with the truth and loveliness of all creatures?

Most little girls spend their hearts only when they are bid to do so. This little girl spent all of her heart in many, many places. She had consuming love for the color of her carpets, and the friend she met only today. Her love was not a flash in the pan; it was part of her power. She really saw all the good. She really felt all the joy.

It was a beautiful and terrible gift. She felt lonely. She wondered why.

Why did it hurt sometimes to love everything?

Why was the love she lavished on all not returned to her in kind?

She asked her Maker.

She saw His face as He watched the sons of Jacob give over their precious belongings so that they could birth a god out of lifeless metals. She saw how His beloved children had rejected Him over and over, even as He gave them their daily food in the desert. She saw how He loved Gomer, even as she snuck out of the house again to waste herself in the arms of someone who didn’t love her at all.

He loved past loving.

To see joy was her gift, but He was joy.

The loveliness she witnessed, was as intimate to Him as flesh.

She was a mirror, He was the sun.

She felt His joys, and now she felt His pain.

With the full knowledge of her smallness in the comparison of her love with His, her insignificance, and her great consequence in His sight, she turned all of her love toward Him.

She was loved back, past bearing.


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