The rebar under the highway
July 31, 2011, 12:24 am
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I am going to be starting Elevate in 19 days. I’m going to be gathered with like-minded believers, seeking God.

The good thing about God is, He loves to be sought. He is real. He shows up.

I get to just seek Him, and hear from Him.

I get to learn, and change, and look more like Him. I get to encounter Holy Spirit.

I am sitting here, this time listening to a song that says, “Who is He that makes me happy, Who is He that gives me peace? Who is He that brings me comfort, and turns the bitter into sweet? Who is stirring up my passion, and who is rising up in me? Who is filling up my hunger, with everything I need? Creator God, He is YHWH! The great I AM, He is YHWH! The Lord of all He is YHWH!”

I get to be with that guy forever.

And, for a concentrated season, I am going to be in this pressure cooker, where I stand face to face with His truth, and all my sin rises to the surface and must be turned from. His word will be written on my heart, and my wrists. I will wake up every morning with worship ringing in my head, and I will endeavor to walk every step with Him

And when that is over, I will have the tools to live that way forever.

I am so excited to get to sit next to my main squeeze- the Creator God.

Oh my goodness….this song ends by singing, “My soul sings ‘How I love You,’ Just a little while longer and I’ll see You, just a little while longer and I’ll know You, just a little while longer and we’ll be together.”

I wish I could explain to you how great it is to love God. I cannot do it. People have been trying to explain it for as long as we could speak. The trees try to explain it by photosynthesizing; the sun tries to explain it by burning furiously. It just cannot be done.

My father wonders why I don’t cry when I watch sad movies or TV anymore. Honestly, its because feeling so deeply about God makes everything seem so pale in comparison. I lived my entire life eating saltines and water, and I have been given food from the Heavenly banquet.

I am deeply joyful. My smile is wide, my heart burns within me. My eyes are bright.

HE is here.

This is the support of my being, this is the rebar under the highway.


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Oh I just love you, Amanda. What an exciting season you are entering into with our beautiful Jesus! I cannot wait to just sit back and marvel at everything He does in you and through you.

Comment by Robin Renae

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