Grown Up Summertime
June 15, 2011, 3:11 am
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When I was younger, summer vacation was the time of year worth living for. Daddy was a teacher, so he had the summers off with us. My brothers and I would wake up late in the morning, and spend the day playing, watching hours of tv, and making up for lost time with Daddy. When I got a little older, I remember spending whole weeks at a friend’s house, and becoming increasingly nocturnal as we caught up on whole seasons of tv shows we hadn’t even known existed during the school year.

Quality time is my love language. So, summer vacation is like a dream. To have unnumbered hours to spend with loved ones and new friends satisfied all those wishes from the hectic fall and spring semesters. Christmas has a busy-ness all it’s own, with family coming in and out and gift buying. But summer time was reserved for lazing about and getting to spend days upon days with good friends, making memories, breathing deeply and treasuring the long moments of daylight.

And now I have grown up. sigh. And summertime is no different than any other time, except for the heat. But, at least it’s humid, as my father might say. I’m working full time while going to school everyday. It’s become sort of a juggling routine to work in good friend time.

Last summer I was off having adventures in Morocco. This year is not nearly so impressive. One of this season’s highlights has been reliving last summer through the joys of foreign ice cream.

Bringing back carefree childhood joys of summer, and last year’s fun at the same time, Magnum Bars are a kindness from heaven.


In Morocco, we were given money every morning to meet our needs, and sent out into the streets of Rabat to see what God might do. On hot days, as we tried to make new friends, sometimes we could afford Magnum Bars. Far superior to any American ice cream, every team member was outrageously jealous if one team could afford to treat themselves.

Me: excited about finding my nick-name on ice cream

One day, Jordan Hall, Matt Larsen and I were out in the streets together for the day. In fact, I believe it may have been one of our last days in Morocco. We walked the same streets we usually walked, looking for English speakers to point us in the direction of ice cream- our go-to way to begin good conversations. Behind the Mosque, we met a girl coming from the bus stop. She was a university student, and we had the best conversation with her about Jesus. We later learned she accepted the gospel a few days after we left. That day, we had enough money for some ice cream. It was our last day, so we got Magnum Bars, even though they were a little expensive. You could choose between double caramel and almond. I chose almond, simply because in French almond is Amandes, which had become one of my many nick-names during the trip. High on the good conversation, and hope of salvation, the ice cream only made the moment sweeter.


Ice cream joys in Africa

I remember last summer so fondly. We had so much fun simply being together- it was a fabulous group. Jordan and Chantel were ‘The Giggle Twins.’ Robin and I were just beginning what would be a tremendous friendship. Jon Jon was learning new things everyday, and being hilariously freshman-like. Jeff became a father to all the girls, and we enjoyed begging him to buy us presents. Flowers, huge bouncing balloons, ice cream, a puppy. He usually gave in, grudgingly. Garrett and Jon Coss were hilarious at every turn. And Caleb and Ashley had just started dating. So many fun things that summer.

Garrett concentrating on the Magnum Bar








Tonight after lifegroup, 10 of us took a caravan to Walmart. They have recently started selling Magnum Bars. Taking some time to drive a large group to Walmart when only one person really needed to go, and eating last summer’s ice cream was a sweet treat in a busy grown-up summer.




I’m a big girl now, I suppose. Stealing 20 minutes here and there with friends to simply laugh, and dance to no music, eat ice cream and toss pillows around represents the changes taking place in this whole new chapter of life. Its not solid weeks of silliness any more, you have to grab the moments when you can. You have to take the hands of the people you’re with and say, “Lets have an adventure, we won’t have time later.” Sometimes you’ve got to force tired people, who have worked all day, into the car and go to Walmart. You’ve got to dance on the way into the store. You’ve got to enjoy the ridiculously long lines. You’ve got to eat the ice cream when you can.


It’s strange to grow up. But as long as I have last summer’s ice cream with lovely friends every now and again, I still feel like a kid in summertime, and its sweet.


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I think God gave us daughters to wash the dust out of our eyes. Mine are wet quite often when exposed to all that is you. I love you.

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