Summertime Food
May 27, 2011, 1:45 pm
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A good friend of mine once rocked my world when she told me that she rarely ate in the summer. In fact, most of her summertime diet and activities were deliquescent. She would spend her days reading by her backyard pool with a giant coke. The soda kept her full of carbonates and the book kept her full of knowledge, and she needed little else. Her skin got darker, she lost a bit of weight, and her mind was ‘improved’ with excessive reading (usually re-reading the Leonard Nimoy biography, to be exact).

When the sun got hot, she would play video games with the siblings- an occupation that silently sucks hours upon hours without one noticing a moment has passed by. Again, coke in hand, she was full of bubbles and never noticed the dietary deficiency.

Shocked and appalled, my 17 year old self gazed in wonder at the girl who needed no food, only diversions of the mind.

Today, she is a diabetic (type A) who must constantly keep up with a balanced diet. And I am working and running around so much I am literally having a LARGE coke from McDonalds for lunch….and maybe some canned cranberry sauce.

Oh how the tables, they just keep on turnin.

Shocked at my shameful transformation

Freakish Coke Drinker


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