Bikes and training wheels
May 14, 2011, 7:25 pm
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I think that to some degree, friends are training wheels. God sticks um in our lives, and they fit so perfectly. After a few years of riding that way, you get acclimated and comfortable. But we’re not meant to ride with training wheels, so God takes um off, and sticks a new kind of training wheel in there, a set that has you riding more like you’re supposed to in the end.

teaching AA to ride

We learn from our friends. They teach us so much. Friendship is the closest form of discipleship. We refine each other and make each other mad, and forgive each other. We work out our rough parts, together. But there is only so much for us to learn from one person, so God shifts us to new places, new stages of life, and we make new friends. And those friends teach us different things about God, and about ourselves.

D-group: 3 years





Our hearts were made for Jesus, you know. Every inch of your heart was made for God. We are to love the Lord with every bit of ourselves. I think that’s riding the bike. That’s our goal here, to love Him well. And the friends He sends us help us do that. But He doesn’t want us depending on those training wheels; we were never made for that kind of riding. We are to fly down the road, free, fast, furious, toward Him and His kingdom.

My friends are my trophies. They mark the lessons I have learned and the victories God has won in my life. They represent steps I have taken toward heaven. They are my treasure to lay before the King. We are each other’s inheritance. But it’s really all about Him. My favorite friendships are the ones that teach me how to ride better.

soggy adventures 2007

she carried me

refining friendship


So in this time of transition, as I say goodbye to so many friends, I rejoice. He freely gave them to me for a while. He will freely give others, and I will ride that bike with more strength and ability because of it.

My friends are my trophies, but Christ is my crown. Let me never forget why I am running this race, and where I am headed.


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love you and love your blog. im following it by RSS feed now. so thankful for your friendship. God is so kind.

Comment by mary linds

I love you 🙂
I just about cried!
PS you’re good at writing blogs.

Comment by Abbey Adams

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