The girl in God’s hand
May 12, 2011, 8:36 pm
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Once there was a little girl who sat in God’s hand. She was small, and her skin was palest white, like strawberry snow. She was soft, and lovely and treasured by her Father. She never wore shoes, because under her Daddy’s care she would never even stub her toe on a stone.

She sat in God’s hand. His hand was large, and rough. She did not think about how high she might be, because it did not matter. In that hand, there was nothing to fear. Every morning they watched the sunrise, the little girl and God. At night, He would show her the wonders of the heavens, and they would sit is deepest silence. During the daytime, the little girl would laugh with God. Everything she saw, she saw from His eyes. She was free to see joy and loveliness in every single thing. Some days she would put on a show in God’s hand. She would dance and sing. How her Father loved to hear her sing! They would cross their eyes and wiggle their noses. She would nap in His hand, and dream only of lovely things.

One day, her Father gave her a crown to wear on her head, so that she would never forget how valuable she was to Him. When she was cold, he gave her a cape made of joy so that whenever she needed, she could draw it close around herself, and be hidden in heaven’s laughter.

The days went by, and the little girl grew and grew. Her Father gave her gifts to make her beautiful, wise, strong, loving, and more and more like Himself.

And when the little girl was grown her Father gave her the greatest gift. He said, “Precious Darling, I have prepared a gift for you. It is an adventure! I have made a world full of lovely things, and sad things, and ugly things, and marvelous things. The world I have made is for you. There is work to do in it, and I have made you to do that work. Go out and see how my love that rests in you fits into this world. You will find gifts at every turn, and opportunities to care for others the way I care for you.”

She worried when she heard she would be separate from her Father, but He told her that she would, indeed, not be separate. But, that through seeing all the marvelous and terrible things in the earth, she would know her Father in much greater depth. She would know His joys, and His heartbreaks. She would be royalty, wealthy in spirit, and have the privilege to serve the needy with the overflow of all her Father would give her.

And so, one day the little girl woke up. For the first time, the sun shone on her face, and she remembered her Father’s smile. She walked through the grass, and remembered her Father’s softness. She climbed a tree and remembered her Father’s strength. She met children on a playground and remembered the outrageous way her Father loved her. The world was a wonderful place, full of hidden treasures, every inch of it screaming about the character of her Beloved. Sometimes she cried, but mostly she laughed and smiled, and every day her Father gave her gifts and treasures to be cherished and shared. She loved it, she loved it all. Life is an adventure, and on the other side of it, the little girl knew she would be back in God’s hand with some amazing stories and a deeper understanding of her Father’s heart.


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I love this, Amanda!!

Comment by Caroline Kalmes

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